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Pizza Guy Little Penis Humiliation

Angelina and Nikki finally has their pizza delivered, but it comes in a wrong size - they ordered big not small. And thinking that the guy has issues with sizes they decide to show him what the difference is. They ask him about a size of his cock and he claims it to be huge. After he pulls his pants down there is nothing impressive there for the girls and they decide to prove him wrong. Both of them used to big dicks and guys with average sized penises doesn’t excite them. They end up humiliating him inside…

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Little Penis Humiliation

Pizza delivery guy humiliated for his little penis -

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Footballer Little Balls And Cock Humiliation

Reece and Joslyn get interrupted by a football which lands into their garden while they are relaxing under warm Florida sun. The guy appears to pick up the ball, but they are not giving it away so easily. They ask him to show them his dick, which might sound ridiculous to a stranger. And it does to him as he refuses at first. However, when realizing how serious these girls are, he reveals his tiny package. None of them seen a cock this small before and they start humiliating and insulting the guy, wondering if his penis even works…

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Little Cock Humiliation

Footballer has his small cock and balls played -

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Fat Guy With Small Dick Humiliated

Three female friends arrive at a weight loss class. Such classes are usually run by fit and great looking instructors to encourage students follow the routine and become as sexy as them. However, this time the instructor is a big fat guy who causes nothing but laughter in the room. When the guy says that he isn’t just big from the outside but on the inside too, girls decide to check this out. All three almost burst into tears from laughing when he reveals his two incher in front of them…

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Small Dick Humiliated

Extremely fat guy with small dick gives lecture -

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Computer Geek And His Small Dick

Eva and Miranda calls out a technician to fix their laptop which doesn’t work. A computer geek arrives who doesn’t do his job properly, but still wants to charge them for the call. Seeing that he is a nerd and obviously doesn’t get much love from the girls they start to seduce him. However, when they strip him and see his small dick their mood fades and they insult him instead by saying how tiny it is and that none of them would be satisfied with cock like that. Despite such accusations, the guy gets hard and even spunks all over their living-room floor for them…

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Small Dick Humiliation

Geek humiliated for his dick by two sexy chicks -

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Femdom Spanking Dating

You can’t beat a good bit of femdom spanking to get the old pecker rising! My very first CFNM experience was being forced to strip naked by my friend’s mom when I was young. She put me over her knee and spanked me for some misdemeanour or other. I got so turned on, rubbing my hard cock against her skirt, that I blew a load into her lap! So, you can imagine how excited I was to find this femdom spanking site where you can meet horny local ladies who want to spank submissive men. I have found it difficult in the past to find women who are into spanking men but with this new dating site I have more choice than I could possibly wish for!

Small Cock Plumber Humiliated Video

Laura and Shay are having a plumber in who arrives to fix their jacuzzi. It takes him awhile, so girls who started to worrying come in to check on him. That’s when they hear his rumblings about big tools and small holes. Getting curious Shay asks him to show them his plunger in hope that a huge instrument will fall out of his pants. A moment later they cry out in shock as his pathetic dick appears out his funny underwear. The plumber then cums before his cock gets hard, which makes girls laugh at him like on crack…

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Small Penis Humiliated

Plumber with small cock humiliated in bath -

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Old Guy With Small Penis Humiliated

Kaicee and Laura come to cheer Dave’s up after his girlfriend dumped him a few days ago. Knowing Dave for a long tiwme none of them can think of a reason why this has happened other than the fact that his cock is small. Of course, he starts to deny it and says that his penis is 7 inches long, which is a good average. But girls don’t believe him and ask him to show it to them. When Dave drops his pants both of his female friends get shocked at the size of his penis, which is more like 7 centimeters long…

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Small Penis Humiliated

Old guy tied up to bed and interrogated by insulting two chicks -

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Small Penis And Big Penis Videos

There are two groups of guys who visit little dick sites like this one. The first group actually have little penises and enjoy humiliating aspect of the scenes in which girls laugh at them. Then there is another group of guys with normal sized penises that feel proud while watching their small packaged counterparts being ridiculed. Surely, they have bigger penises so girls wouldn’t chuckle at them when they drop their pants off and admire instead. And it can’t be more further from reality as you can see in the following Cfnm channel where guys even with decent sized dicks cause girls to giggle.

Small Penis Humiliation

Not everyone has a cock big enough to star in adult movies, fuck pornstar chicks and live life like a Playboy… until now. Hey Little Dick organizes casting for guys with small penises too. It is a sister site to Clothed Female Naked Male niche favorite Pure Cfnm. And even though you still won’t be able to stick your little pecker into finest asses on planet, you get a chance to receive handjob from girls of your dreams.

Ordinary guys are invited to photo shoots with hot English babes who will insult, laugh and poke at your pathetic penis. All of them used to seeing huge cocks during their porn career, but now when they get introduced to a guy with smaller then average tool they burst into laughing.

Male humiliation doesn’t get more embarrassing than what is shown here…

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Small Penis White Washer Humiliation

Alyssha and Paige invited the cleaner to white wash their living-room, but when they come back they are not impressed with the progress at all. So they ask the guy to impress them in another way and show them his massive cock. When he takes his pants down both girls burst out laughing at how small his package really is. Paige finds his baby balls cute and Alyssha says he could fit them both and his cock into her mouth at the same time so small they are. Wondering how much spunk such tiny balls might produce they make him ejaculate for them. Not impressed, they tell him to go back to work…

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Small Penis Humiliated

White washer doesn’t impress with his small penis -

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