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Small Penis White Washer Humiliation

Alyssha and Paige invited the cleaner to white wash their living-room, but when they come back they are not impressed with the progress at all. So they ask the guy to impress them in another way and show them his massive cock. When he takes his pants down both girls burst out laughing at how [...]

Small Cock Grandpa Humiliated Video

Old guy tells a joke in the office which costs him his reputation in the company. He asks two young women whether they are good at tightening nuts and gets shocked with outcome. The two take a challenge and strip the guy naked to see what he is made of. Not much as it turns [...]

Humiliation of Small Penis Black Guy

Police officer arrives at Red and her friend Ann’s places which has just been burgled. Both women calmed down a bit and instead of describing what has been stolen they get more interested in officer’s truncheon. Red starts to wonder whether his truncheon is big or not and gropes his groin. He orders them to [...]

Paint Stripper With Small Penis

Paint stripper Damian gets interrupted by house owners Krystal and Donna. They have been wondering during the whole day, while he is working there, whether he has a big cock or not. He doesn’t want to show his penis to them nor does he tell them an answer. Curious girls decide to find it out [...]

Pizza Guy Little Penis Humiliation

Angelina and Nikki finally has their pizza delivered, but it comes in a wrong size - they ordered big not small. And thinking that the guy has issues with sizes they decide to show him what the difference is. They ask him about a size of his cock and he claims it to be huge. [...]

Footballer Little Balls And Cock Humiliation

Reece and Joslyn get interrupted by a football which lands into their garden while they are relaxing under warm Florida sun. The guy appears to pick up the ball, but they are not giving it away so easily. They ask him to show them his dick, which might sound ridiculous to a stranger. And it [...]

Fat Guy With Small Dick Humiliated

Three female friends arrive at a weight loss class. Such classes are usually run by fit and great looking instructors to encourage students follow the routine and become as sexy as them. However, this time the instructor is a big fat guy who causes nothing but laughter in the room. When the guy says that [...]

Computer Geek And His Small Dick

Eva and Miranda calls out a technician to fix their laptop which doesn’t work. A computer geek arrives who doesn’t do his job properly, but still wants to charge them for the call. Seeing that he is a nerd and obviously doesn’t get much love from the girls they start to seduce him. However, when [...]

Femdom Spanking Dating

You can’t beat a good bit of femdom spanking to get the old pecker rising! My very first CFNM experience was being forced to strip naked by my friend’s mom when I was young. She put me over her knee and spanked me for some misdemeanour or other. I got so turned on, rubbing my [...]

Small Cock Plumber Humiliated Video

Laura and Shay are having a plumber in who arrives to fix their jacuzzi. It takes him awhile, so girls who started to worrying come in to check on him. That’s when they hear his rumblings about big tools and small holes. Getting curious Shay asks him to show them his plunger in hope that [...]