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Paint Stripper With Small Penis

Paint stripper Damian gets interrupted by house owners Krystal and Donna. They have been wondering during the whole day, while he is working there, whether he has a big cock or not. He doesn’t want to show his penis to them nor does he tell them an answer. Curious girls decide to find it out for themselves and pull his trousers down. The glimpse of his tiny dick leaves both girls not impressed. Krystal suggests to stroke it to see maybe the amount of spunk it can produce is enormous…

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Small Penis Humiliation

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Pizza Guy Little Penis Humiliation

Angelina and Nikki finally has their pizza delivered, but it comes in a wrong size - they ordered big not small. And thinking that the guy has issues with sizes they decide to show him what the difference is. They ask him about a size of his cock and he claims it to be huge. After he pulls his pants down there is nothing impressive there for the girls and they decide to prove him wrong. Both of them used to big dicks and guys with average sized penises doesn’t excite them. They end up humiliating him inside…

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Little Penis Humiliation

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Footballer Little Balls And Cock Humiliation

Reece and Joslyn get interrupted by a football which lands into their garden while they are relaxing under warm Florida sun. The guy appears to pick up the ball, but they are not giving it away so easily. They ask him to show them his dick, which might sound ridiculous to a stranger. And it does to him as he refuses at first. However, when realizing how serious these girls are, he reveals his tiny package. None of them seen a cock this small before and they start humiliating and insulting the guy, wondering if his penis even works…

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Little Cock Humiliation

Footballer has his small cock and balls played -

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