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Kaicee and Laura come to cheer Dave’s up after his girlfriend dumped him a few days ago. Knowing Dave for a long tiwme none of them can think of a reason why this has happened other than the fact that his cock is small. Of course, he starts to deny it and says that his penis is 7 inches long, which is a good average. But girls don’t believe him and ask him to show it to them. When Dave drops his pants both of his female friends get shocked at the size of his penis, which is more like 7 centimeters long…

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Small Penis Humiliated

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There are two groups of guys who visit little dick sites like this one. The first group actually have little penises and enjoy humiliating aspect of the scenes in which girls laugh at them. Then there is another group of guys with normal sized penises that feel proud while watching their small packaged counterparts being ridiculed. Surely, they have bigger penises so girls wouldn’t chuckle at them when they drop their pants off and admire instead. And it can’t be more further from reality as you can see in the following Cfnm channel where guys even with decent sized dicks cause girls to giggle.

Small Penis Humiliation

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